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ok let me tell you in short about this show called Abnormal Summit and why teh FUCK you should watch it. (TL;DR = bolded)


this is a korean talkshow with male panel members from 11 different countries, kind of like global chitchat with beauties but 1345431346 times more entertaining.

because 1. these men are wild as fuck and this is not kbs but jtbc as in the stick up their asses can bend a little. (the last ep i saw they actually talked about sex education and porn and stuff. they debate about actual important stuff)

2. everyone is kind of hot but also hilarious because theres barely anyone tugging their sleeves like ‘dude you cant say that on korean tv’ and stuff. the progression is just really smooth and theres a lot of cameraderie if i spelled that right lol.

on global chitchat it was often really awkward from the set to the conversation i mean the ladies were great but the fact that they had to be dressed in dresses and skirts and then sat on a schooldesk atop of eachother facing the cameras was just bad planning. the set was a mess and the conversation was boring. i remember 1 ep they talked about preserving vegetables in earth pots and ugh …

this show adresses some real time issues and topics like the bad connotations/(or good) behind men and women living together before marriage or without even considering marriage, and sex educations necessity in schools, but its also teaching the other panel members as WELL as the 3 mcs (yoo seyoon, jeon hyunmoo, and sung shikyung) a LOT about other countries. i believe this show is really useful because you have so many deputies(thats the word right?) from other countries that can lend you a point of view about the same life somewhere else. 

and the debates are really really good too like even if i dont agree the opposing party does make a lot of sense.


its funny as HELL. thats basically all you need to know if you love to laugh i swear watch it just WATCH it ive laughed SO much over the past few days binge watching this my throat hurts but i really needed that bc ive been deprived of some good variety. but this one is really amazing and i recommend it to everyone!

this is in no way short but w/e if im already going why stop xD

the countries if youre curious:

Ghana China Canada America Italy Turkey Japan Australia Belgium England/Germany, France, ohshit thats all of them? and then the korean mcs yeah.

i just really really really recommend this to people, espeically those who like seeing more variety of ethnicities in korean shows (for some reason..lol no judgment tho xD)


D.O: *korean korean* Wendy Cinderella *korean korean*
All: woahhh
Lay: Shindewell…wella
Chanyeol: Shinderrerra
Chen: Wendy. Wendy.
D.O: Cinderella
Chanyeol: Shindererra
D.O: CINderella
Chanyeol: Ohhh woah Kyungsoo you!
Ryeowook: Say it one more time!
D.OCinderella *with a proud smile* 
Chaneyol: Ohh I knew it would be like this
Ryeowook: Lay-ssi, is the (pronunciation) correct?
Lay: yes. (lol)

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